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Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry Vol. 1

The Overwhelming Percentage of Deadly Encounters Involve Physical Entanglement While Standing at Contact Distance.

Do you know what to do if you wind up entangled with an attacker and you are carrying concealed?

  • Debunking the myths
  • Train at home
  • Easy to understand
  • Effective and repeatable results
  • Life Saving Techniques

Don’t make the critical mistake of assuming you know what to. This is the training hack you’ve always wanted to see.

  • Runtime: 84+ Minutes
  • Normally $399

90% OFF Introductory offer: $39.99


Notable Endorsements

Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson

Studying, Training and Teaching Combatives, Combat Sports, Self-Defense, Fighting and dealing with all facets of Martial Arts has been my focus for the last 38 years. Over the past couple of years, I have started firearms training with Todd. His open-mindedness and willingness to instruct a civilian based, no nonsense and ever-expanding curriculum and methodology of all facets of personal protection is not only highly functional, pressure tested and fact based, but also super fun. The training that Todd has had me do has expanded my awareness of far more than the firearm, but also in all areas of my martial arts training. It forces me to open my mind, to look at self-defense and how to deal with the before, during and after of everything fighting in a totally different and realistic way.

  • Coach of 4 UFC World Champions (Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Dave Menne & Rose Namajunas)
  • 5th Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • 6th Degree Muay Thai Black Belt (Ajarn)
  • Co-Creator Army Special Warfare Combatives Program
  • Full Instructor – Inosanto Kali & Jun Fan JKD Concepts

Instructor Zero

Instructor Zero

Everyone loves to write “the mind is the weapon and the firearm is only the tool”, but then when they go to the shooting range evidently they forget about it and train only the finger and not the mind. This happens because it is easier to train the finger and does not require having to deal with one’s conscience in terms of ability and preparation.

I want to greet you by mentioning two concepts that I find fantastic and that come from two other Trainers of which I have a deep esteem:

“Thinkers before shooters” – Travis Haley

“Don’t be a Gunfighter be a Fighter with a Gun” – Todd Fossey

– Instructor Zero

Mike Hughes Endorsement Pic

Mike Hughes

CEO Next Level Training and Inventor of the SIRT

“Todd/IDS has heavily integrated the SIRT into his training curriculum and we’re really pleased to see how far he has come in his curriculum. It’s very impressive and his passion is unparalleled. If you do have an inclination to expand your training curriculum and improve as an instructor, I strongly recommend checking out IDS.”

Meet Your Instructor

Todd Headshot

Todd Fossey

Todd Fossey is the founder of and Chief Instructor at Integrative Defense Strategies in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a regular contributor Funker Tactical, Aperture Fight Focused YouTube channels, a member of the Personal Defense Network’s (PDN) Contribution Team, a member of the 5.11 ABR Academy Instructor Team, a 2nd Amendment Advocate, a champion for the Citizen Defender, and is sought after for seminars and training camps across the country.

After training several years with Israelis, Todd earned his black belt in Krav Maga in 2017. Fossey continues his extensive MMA and submission grappling apprenticeship under legendary MMA coach (and Special Forces Instructor) Greg Nelson at the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Fossey is a (PFC PSOC) Certified Executive Protection Agent, (FSI) Certified Force Science Analyst, and is actively involved with force-on-force scenario, active shooter, and SWAT training for various law enforcement agencies and departments. Todd has also become the self-defense and defensive firearms instructor for UFC Strawweight World Champion Thug Rose Namajunas. In addition to his work in weapons based combatives, firearms, and tactical instruction, he is a former lecturer at medical schools and has a 15-year background in psychophysiology which offers him special insight into the psychological, physiological, and perceptual effects of high-stress critical incidents and human performance.

training rose

Fossey is best known for his innovative, evidence based, and holistic approaches to integrating multiple disciplines into training and personal defense, specializing in extreme close quarters, weapons based combatives for armed Citizen Defenders.

During the time of his formal education, Fossey worked as a bouncer and head of security where he was faced with many violent and life-threatening encounters.

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