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The Results Are In: The Latest Research Shows that Over 80% of Assaults Happen at Contact Distance

Now that you have what you need if the fight goes to the ground, you’re definitely going to want to have the skill set that comes before that.

The overwhelming majority of violent crimes happen at contact distance, and…

In most of these violent encounters the attack is concealed until the last possible moment.

This gives criminals the perception that they have the advantage through the element of surprise.

That being said, a high percentage of violent ambushes involve some kind of a scramble in the clinch.

At this extreme distance it’s easy for attackers to see or feel that you’re carrying a handgun.

Research has shown when this happens attackers have the tendency to fixate on taking your handgun from you for two reasons:

  1. Their predatory instinct wants to take it away from you and use it on you.
  2. They don’t want you to use it on them.

As you know there are major skill gaps between sport grappling and grappling for concealed carry.

And most grapplers who carry concealed falsely believe they will intuitively know what to do if they find themselves entangled in the clinch.

This could be a fatal mistake.

Another Warning:

Remember, the strategies revealed in this course are for those who are willing to look at grappling through a new lens. 

This is not traditional sport grappling. 

Again, while we are borrowing from sport grappling, the motivations for this course are specifically designed for the purposes of keeping viewers safe from harm and out of jail in a real-world self-defense situation while carrying a concealed handgun. 

A Life-Saving Game Changer

Carrying a handgun changes the training and performance context and (as you know) context dictates strategy so…

The habits and pathways that are formed during sport training, practice and competition can create training scars leaving grapplers vulnerable.  These are known as Slips and Capture Errors.

Slips and Capture Errors

There are many documented cases where concealed carriers, police officers, security personnel and grapplers have made catastrophic tactical errors in a weapons-based environment because under stress they defaulted to training that wasn’t specific to carrying a handgun.  This is known as Slips as Capture Errors.

By now you understand that we’ve spent over a decade researching and developing these unique disciplines specifically for Concealed Carry.

IDS Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry is the perfect companion course to IDS Grappling for Concealed Carry.

Here Are Some of The Most Important Things Our Students Say You Can Expect to Take Away from This Course

125 + Minutes of Unlimited Streaming Access

  • The Harsh Reality of Carrying a Force Multiplier in Extreme Close Quarters
  • The Top 20 Principles for Surviving a Scramble in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • How Not to Get Killed with Your Own Gun While Entangles with an Attacker
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Carry Positions in the Clinch
  • Dive Into Over 30 Instructional Chapters on Defending in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • When and How to Access Your Weapon in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Retaining Your Weapon in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Feel and Flow of the Fight in The Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Preventing Attackers from Using Their Weapons on You in The Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Arm Drag Options in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Russian Tie Options in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Over Hook Options in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Under Hook Options in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Integrating Strikes in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Strategic Dumps, Trips and Sweeps in the Clinch During Concealed Carry
  • Getting to Dominant Angles and Control Positions in the Clinch During Concealed Carry 

In case You Missed It / Here’s The Real Proof Notable Endorsements

Greg Nelson Headshot


Studying, Training and Teaching Combatives, Combat Sports, Self-Defense, Fighting and dealing with all facets of Martial Arts has been my focus for the last 38 years. Over the past couple of years, I have started firearms training with Todd. His open-mindedness and willingness to instruct a civilian based, no nonsense and ever-expanding curriculum and methodology of all facets of personal protection is not only highly functional, pressure tested and fact based, but also super fun. The training that Todd has had me do has expanded my awareness of far more than the firearm, but also in all areas of my martial arts training. It forces me to open my mind, to look at self-defense and how to deal with the before, during and after of everything fighting in a totally different and realistic way.

  • Coach of 4 UFC World Champions (Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Dave Menne & Rose Namajunas)
  • 5th Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • 6th Degree Muay Thai Black Belt (Ajarn)
  • Co-Creator Army Special Warfare Combatives Program
  • Full Instructor – Inosanto Kali & Jun Fan JKD Concepts


Everyone loves to write “the mind is the weapon and the firearm is only the tool”, but then when they go to the shooting range evidently they forget about it and train only the finger and not the mind. This happens because it is easier to train the finger and does not require having to deal with one’s conscience in terms of ability and preparation.

I want to greet you by mentioning two concepts that I find fantastic and that come from two other Trainers of which I have a deep esteem:

“Thinkers before shooters” – Travis Haley

“Don’t be a Gunfighter be a Fighter with a Gun” – Todd Fossey

– Instructor Zero

instructor zero headshot
Mike Hughes Endorsement Pic


CEO Next Level Training and Inventor of the SIRT

“Todd/IDS has heavily integrated the SIRT into his training curriculum and we’re really pleased to see how far he has come in his curriculum. It’s very impressive and his passion is unparalleled. If you do have an inclination to expand your training curriculum and improve as an instructor, I strongly recommend checking out IDS.”

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We have a lot to offer and wanted to make sure price doesn’t prevent anyone from getting the training they need. These principles need to be out there.

This is the best way to start a business relationship by us giving first… 

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