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A Life or Death Skill Set

Now that you have what you need if the fight goes to the ground, you’re definitely going to want to have a high priority skill set to defend against one of the most common and most lethal types of aggravated assault.

Unfortunately, most concealed carriers believe that simply carrying a concealed handgun is enough to defend against a psychopath with an edged weapon.  

Case reports show that in 80% of cases analyzed, the knife is hidden until the last possible moment and the ambush is rapid, vicious and executed with lethal intent.

Case reports also suggest that it commonly requires multiple well-placed rounds to stop a determined attacker with an edged weapon, even if the victim has the luxury of the attack starting outside of the range of the edged weapon so…

Having the ability to combine combatives skills with handgun skills at the level of unconscious reflex in response to edged weapon attacks and threats can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, most grapplers who carry concealed falsely believe they will intuitively know what to do if they find themselves faced with various types of edged weapon attacks and threats.

This could be a fatal mistake.

Let me tell you a short and important story…

Recently I was conducting a course where we had a high level professional competition shooter in attendance – who had no experience with combatives.

…Which means he was grossly deficient in his force options and only knew how to use his handgun to defend himself.

Now, we need to remember that edged weapon attacks and threats are one of the most common types of aggravated assaults – far more common than firearms when gang related crime data is removed.

So, when I put him in a scenario where he had to defend himself vs an edged weapon he was stabbed multiple times and his throat was slashed before he could stop the attacker with his handgun.

He didn’t possess the trained reflexes to stop or minimize the damage he took and fight his way to his handgun before sustaining mortal wounds.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this pattern repeat itself over and over again in classes, courses and seminars for years.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get - and a taste of what people say about the Edged Weapons Course…

First, it is 3 Hours & 40 minutes of unlimited streaming video.

It’s broken into small bite sized chunks so you can do a segment every day, on the toilet, in between meetings or you can give yourself a full-on training class on a weekend.

Second, you get unlimited streaming access to this, on any internet connected device, as long as we’re in business and I basically plan to do this till the day I die.

 Now, here’s just a few of the ideas, skills and paradigm shifts you’ll have as you attend this training:

The Top 12 Principles for Surviving Edged Weapon Attacks and Threats During Concealed Carry

  • Distance Management | Managing the Time and Space that’s Advantageous for You Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

  • Timing | Knowing When to Make Your Move, is More Important Than How Fast You Go by Orders of Magnitude!

  • Transitions | Tying Moments and Methods Together Keeps from Being Killed!

  • Get to the 2 On 1! My signature Method for Controlling the Blade and Stopping the Attack!

  • Dominant Angles Keep You Alive | Knowing Where to Be and How to Get There to Turn the Tables on Your Attacker!

  • Handgun Deterrence vs and Edged Weapon Threat | Letting the Threat Know They’re About to Bite into More Than They Can Chew!

  • Initiating Combatives with Your Gun In Your Hand | How to Simultaneously Fight with Your Hands AND Your Gun

  • Pre-Violence Indicators | The Science of Detecting Pre-Attack Behavioral Cues in 1/10 of a Second

  • Fight To Your Gun | In Fight Weapon Access at The Right Time, In the Right Place and In the Right Way 

  • Evasive and Tactical Maneuvers | Dominate the Charging Edged Weapon Attack

  • Psychology of the Blade Wielding Psychopath | Know Your Enemy

  • Leading the Dance |The Tactical Tango of Taking and Keeping the Momentum of the Fight

You’ll Dive into Over 75 In-Depth Instructional Chapters on Defending Edged Weapon Threats and Attacks During Concealed Carry.

  • How psychopaths can inflict lethal damage in seconds, even IF you have the luxury of getting well placed hits – don’t make this fatal mistake. 
  • How you can legally defend yourself from knife attack or threat without voiding your self-defense insurance – and the skills you need to practice to insure you don’t default to a “bankrupting” reflex.
  • How a fat guy with bad knees can still stab the life out of a concealed carrier even if they have a sub second draw from concealment. 
  • Why an attacker dropping the knife can make things worse for you…
  • How the wrong verbal command at the wrong time can cost you your life, and 5 tells in the knife wielding psychopaths plan to bleed you out in less than a minute.
  •  Jack of All Trades | How to Integrate Handgun and Combatives Skills for the Win
  • Take Them Down! Safely taking the knife wielding attacker to the ground as you stay on your feet and hold the tactical high-ground.
  • Tactical Use of Barriers | Don’t Make These Deadly Mistakes
  • The Startling Truth About Dealing with a Knife Wielding Armed Robbery

Now, there is a lot more to this course than what I just mentioned, however it’s important to remind you there really is nothing else out there like this…

Why Am I Giving This Course Away Free to New Customers?
(It’s a blatant bribe).

I want to put my best foot forward AND double the value of your investment in Grappling for concealed carry, sweeten the deal we’ve already done by offering you what I think is the perfect and most needed companion training to Grappling for Concealed Carry – Edged Weapons Defense for Concealed Carry

And I’m offering this to you 100% free, when you join our annual membership called the  IDS Citizen Defender Pass.

This membership is for people who commit to their training, and when people take this stuff seriously, I take my responsibility to deliver value seriously, so instead of charging $400 bucks per class, I give you access to all the core curriculum and the chance to train in person with us, at a heavily discounted rate.

One of the things that makes our program unique is that it’s not a disjointed library of convoluted content…

It is instead a comprehensive and congruent system that all fits together.

The program essentially has two primary course training categories…

Pistol Craft & Combatives for Concealed Carry & Combatives for Concealed Carry Courses

The Combatives for Concealed Carry category is also revolutionary in that it is our signature modified modern MMA specifically designed with the Armed Citizen Defender in mind.

Detect | Deter | Defend – The Five Stages of Violent Crime is probably the most important class that we teach.

In Holster Weapon and Out of Holster Retention Systems if you don’t know how to retain your weapon, you’re probably just holstering your weapon for your attacker.

Clinch Fighting

Clinch Fighting for Concealed Carry – Most assaults involve some type of entanglement at clinch at clinch distance – and knowing how to manage that entanglement during concealed carry is a very big deal.

Defending In Confined Spaces

Defending in Confined Spaces – A high percentage of violent crimes happen up against walls and barriers – we need to know how to use them as our asset or they become our liability.

Then of course we have Grappling for Concealed Carry

…and Edged Weapon Defense for Concealed Carry

Pistol Craft Courses

Pistol Craft is exactly as it sounds – it is designed to isolate and improve pistol skills (for all levels) in the context of self-defense…

This approach is backed by the latest research in motor skill acquisition. 

Done in a way that is representative of how violence actually occurs.

And, you can practice anywhere without spending a fortune on ammunition, range fees, travel and course tuition.

First, you need a new way to practice…

SIRT – We’ll teach you all about the most effective and efficient inert training tool in the world, the SIRT Training Pistol and how it works…

Defensive Shooting Fundamentals – in the context of Personal Protection.

IDS Pistol Craft Level 1 – A revolutionary Training Methodology involving dozens of drills specifically designed to prepare you for high probability threats.

IDS Pistol Craft Level 2 – again, dozens of drills geared toward dealing with multiple threats and moving targets.

Armed Vehicle Defense – taught by IDS Senior Instructor and SWAT Operator Officer Jacob Gribble.

All of the courses work together as one modular system…

…so you can mix and match drills for endless training and practice that you can do anywhere.

And, you’ll be getting new courses added to your collection all the time!

As a member you’ll be given access to our entire safety and training methods suite of courses…

Safety In Practice Courses

Dry Fire Safety Protocols This course is extremely important for all kinds of dry fire and inert training and practice.

Safe Handling & Storage For beginners, we’ll teach you Safe Pistol Handling and Storage – in the context of personal protection.

Handgun Cleaning and Maintenance Taught by IDS Gunsmith “Big Poppa” Mullinex

And, as a bonus we also have…

Traumatic First Aid for Citizen Defenders taught by Mountain Man Medical’s Brian Mclaughlin


One of the things that makes our program unique is that it’s not a disjointed library of convoluted content…

It is instead a comprehensive and congruent system that all fits together.

And we encourage you to experience the program in a way that becomes your own unique expression, that works best for you, your attributes and your lifestyle.

By the way, Our Premium Streaming Courses are more than just linear videos, they are also an intuitive and interactive technology called LearnDash.

This cutting-edge technology allows you to consume the courses and content chapters in an order that is unique to your needs.  However, we do have a suggested training map to guide you through the curriculum if you want it.  

This allows you to…

  • Track your progress
  • Add questions and comments 
  • Receive badges and certificates for completed lessons 

It really is an online training experience like no other.

Remember, all of the courses work together as one modular system so you can mix and match drills for endless training and practice that you can do anywhere!

And also remember, you’ll be getting new courses all the time!

Each one of these courses would run between $400 and $500 each, not to mention travel and cost of ammunition for in-person training.

Rather than ask you to take only one course, and email you every month and try to sell you another one…

What I’d like to do instead, is just give you access to all of our curriculum and give you a bunch of extra support so you can go through this as effectively as possible on your own…

You’re also going to have Unlimited Streaming Access to Exclusive Interactive Live Streaming Seminars and Q&A Sessions with a value of over $100 per seminar!


Stress Inoculation

Family Security Operations and Close Protection

The Dark Triad - The Psycology of the Criminal Mind

IDS Deep and Accelerated Motor Learning

IDS Active Shooter and Terror Response Training

  • We’ll also have guest instructor on to conduct streaming seminars
  • We’ll do interviews with top minds in the industry
  • As well as regular live streaming Q&As where I answer your questions and help refine techniques virtually

So How Much Is It?

If you were to pay for courses 1 at a time, you wouldn’t get all the other member benefits, but you’d be spending around $6,500 per year.

 Because you already became a customer, and helped us out by buying a product we promoted with an ad, it makes more sense for me to give you an offer that’s hard to refuse so I can cover my cost of advertising, and buy more ads to find the next citizen defender like you.

During this promotion you’re going to get Edged Weapon Defense for Concealed Carry for Free plus a bunch of additional Member Exclusive Courses when you join the IDS Citizen Defender Pass and… 

We’re going to give you a
12 month membership for ½ OFF for only $199!

 And, I’ll tell you how to get your first in person training 100% free just for watching videos. 

We’ll also give you additional ongoing support resources.

You’ll have access to what we call – Member Exclusive Short Form Content 

These are short form instructional or educational videos on a high value topic. 

 We’re also going to offer you 50% off all in-person IDS Courses and Bootcamps 

Yes, we do in person training too – and we want you to benefit from taking the skills you’re developing virtually and coming in to train with us in person so we can help you take your skills to the next level.

And, If you complete all of the IDS Member Exclusive Courses included in your membership in your first year, you can attend an IDS in-person training course 100% free…

If you want to come sooner, by all means use your 50% discount for those classes, and when you’ve completed your online training, come back for 1 on the house…

When you start doing the math on a 50% discount to our in-person training events – it becomes a no-brainer all by itself when it comes to subscribing annually for only $199! if you just come to 1 course your $199 investment today will have paid for itself!

Last but not least, we’ll also include our IDS Citizen Defender Welcome Pack (Valued At Over $50!) Which Includes:

IDS “Don’t Be A Gunfighter Be a Fighter With A Gun” Flex Fit Tee! 

IDS – 3D PVC Glow-In-The-Dark Morale Patch! 

IDS Die Cut Vinyl UV/Weather Resistant Decal!

 IDS Citizen Defender Pass Package

You get all of this valued at over $9000/year and all it takes is for you to join the IDS Citizen Defender Pass today for just $199! 

You can cancel whenever you want…

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