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The New Paradigm

There are some of you out there who just know something’s wrong with the firearms and personal protection training industry. 

You intuitively recognize that something about it is deficient and doesn’t match the realities of violence for people who are serious about protecting themselves and those they love.

There are some of you out there who are dealing with very real practical obstacles to consistent and effective training in the existing paradigm. 

You know that ammo has either gotten too expensive or is simply unavailable. 

You know it’s becoming harder and harder to find time to get to the range, and most ranges won’t allow you to do the kind of things you know you need to do. 

You know that you want a training methodology that is affordable, that you can do anywhere that isn’t just shooting at an app on your phone with a laser insert that doesn’t even allow for a resetting trigger. 

You know that live fire as a primary means of training is very limiting, and you know the necessary hand-to-hand combatives either aren’t a part of the training at all, or thrown in as a shallow half-measure by an instructor who probably isn’t qualified to teach it.

Some of you are martial artists who understand the importance of consistency in training and want to integrate the handgun into your skill set.  However, until now, there hasn’t been a valid weapons-based combatives curriculum structured specifically for the Armed Citizen Defender.

You know the training industry needs a new approach, a new way that lives up to its promises.

Well, now you CAN have an ongoing principle based, integrated and holistic approach to your training (IDS Training) that includes pistol craft, weapons based combatives as well as soft self-defense skills and education designed specifically for the Citizen Defender delivered in a way that you can train anywhere, and you can only get it through  There really is nothing else like it.

How IDS Training is Different

·      IDS Training can be practiced anywhere by anyone.

·      IDS Training is fluid and dynamic.

·      IDS Training is experienced in three dimensions and 360 degrees.

·      IDS Training is experienced with real energy with structured resistance and real training partners.

·      IDS Training is comprehensive and ongoing.

·      IDS Training is supported by real data and evidence.

·      IDS Training is built upon the real-world craft of detecting, deterring and defending the patterns of real-world violent crime for real people.

·      IDS Training is a full-spectrum system of adaptable, interdependent principles and disciplines as opposed to an overwhelming library of stuff.

·      IDS Weapons Based Combatives is more than just a collection of techniques; it’s modern MMA that has been adapted for the modern Armed Citizen Defender of all levels.

·      IDS Training can be adapted to your lifestyle, your attributes, and your unique set of circumstances.

·      IDS Training is supported by the latest research in motor learning, human performance, and force science to deepen and accelerate your training.

·      IDS Member Exclusive Courses aren’t just long linear videos.  They can be experienced as an open progression through interactive technology called LearnDash, allowing you to track your progress, add questions and comments, and receive badges and certificates for completed lessons. 

·      IDS Training is taught with SIRT Training Pistols, the safest, most convenient, innovative and realistic training tools ever developed.

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Is This Real?

If you’re asking yourself the question, “Is this real?” we aren’t surprised.  This approach is so dramatically different that people hesitate at first until they get a chance to experience it.

We’re going to share some endorsements from some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry with you in a few moments, but first we want to quickly tell you how this system came about…

IDS Founder and Chief Instructor Todd Fossey has a unique background.  For several years, he had a private practice in psychophysiology and lectured at medical schools on the effects of stress on the body and human dynamics.  As a part of his practice, he was also a human performance coach for elite athletes and performers, something he took an interest in at a very young age. 

During the years of his formal education, he supported himself working as a bouncer where he began studying combatives and tactical firearms training in the late 90’s.

Todd began to realize the training he was exposed to was heavily influenced by Military, Law Enforcement and Competition Shooting but had very little to do with the patterns of violence regular people may be exposed to. 

Todd also began to realize how outdated and standardized the training approaches were.

In 2010, determined to create a bonified training program for the Citizen Defender, Todd locked himself in his office for several weeks removing himself from the inertia of traditional training models and applied a more critical approach backed by objective data sets, the science of skill acquisition, and modern training technology.

When he emerged, he realized he had something very different, so different he feared nobody would recognize its real-world value, but seeing the violent direction the world was going he felt compelled to pursue it anyway.

Taking a leap of faith, Todd closed his private practice and opened Integrative Defense Strategies (IDS) to a very slow start.  People wanted what they were used to and, they wanted things that went bang!  Even fewer saw the value of mixing martial arts and combatives with the handgun. 

There were even some in the industry who wanted to destroy the IDS approach or brand the concept as their own.

It didn’t look good for IDS.


Then Todd began posting videos on line.  At first nothing happened but it wasn’t long before some of the top minds in the industry began to take notice.  Soon people were traveling from around the country to experience what IDS was all about – including some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry.

Quickly IDS would be certifying instructors and signing on affiliates to run its curriculum across North America. The world was taking notice. Take a look…

Instructor Zero Headshot

Everyone loves to write “the mind is the weapon and the firearm is only the tool”, but then when they go to the shooting range evidently they forget about it and train only the finger and not the mind.  This happens because it is easier to train the finger and does not require having to deal with one’s conscience in terms of ability and preparation.

I want to greet you by mentioning two concepts that I find fantastic and that come from two other Trainers of which I have a deep esteem: 

“Thinkers before shooters” – Travis Haley

“Don’t be a Gunfighter be a Fighter with a Gun” – Todd Fossey, Instructor Zero

Studying, Training and Teaching Combatives, Combat Sports, Self-Defense, Fighting and dealing with all facets of Martial Arts has been my focus for the last 38 years.  Over the past couple of years, I have started firearms training with Todd.  His open-mindedness and willingness to instruct a civilian based, no nonsense and ever-expanding curriculum and methodology of all facets of personal protection is not only highly functional, pressure tested and fact based, but also super fun.  The training that Todd has had me do has expanded my awareness of far more than the firearm, but also in all areas of my martial arts training.  It forces me to open my mind, to look at self-defense and how to deal with the before, during and after of everything fighting in a totally different and realistic way. 

Greg Nelson

+ Coach of 4 UFC World Champions (Brock Lesnar, Sean Sherk, Dave Menne & Rose Namajunas)
+ 5th Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
+ 6th Degree Muay Thai Black Belt (Ajarn)
+ Co-Creator Army Special Warfare Combatives Program
+ Full Instructor – Inosanto Kali & Jun Fan JKD Concepts

Greg Nelson Headshot
training rose

Todd has also become the self-defense and defensive firearms instructor for UFC Strawweight World Champion Thug Rose Namajunas.  You can watch her employing the same IDS Training approaches you will learn in the video below.  Check it out.

You may have also seen Todd as a regular contributor to:

+ Funker Tactical YouTube Channel
+ PDN – Personal Defense Network
+ Aperture Fight Focused YouTube Channel
+ Com
+ 11 ABR Academy Instructor Team
+ Guest Expert on Numerous Podcasts, Radio and Television Programs

Todd is also sought after for seminars and training conferences all across the United States. 

You can learn more about Todd and the IDS training philosophy on the Meet Your Instructor Page on this website.

Read Enough?

It’s Not Your Fault

Some of you have been looking for a program like this only to be disappointed.  You may have even felt misled. The problem is the industry packages training as something that it’s not. Let’s think about it critically for a moment. For example, shooting static targets and poking holes in paper is no more self-defense than shooting free throws is the game of basketball. To borrow an analogy from Ken Murray, author of “Training at the Speed of Life”, generic marksmanship is figure skating and fighting with a gun is hockey. There’s a big difference between being a shooter and being a defender.  Take a look.

Until now, shooting has been sold as defending. But there are major contextual considerations in self-defense. Take a look.

Play Video about Unprepared Impossible Ods for the Concealed Carrier

The real problem is, the necessary integration of disciplines has been for the most part separate.
Until now nobody has taken the time and effort to create a truly integrated system specifically for Armed Citizen Defenders and they definitely haven’t offered it in an online format like this.

IDS Ven Diagram Integrative Defense Strategies

It’s a brand-new way of training. A new paradigm.

The New Paradigm

If you stop and think about it, the old model looks like static live fire ranges conducted by former military, law enforcement and competition shooters.

Now before you get to upset about the above statement, please hear us out.

IDS has huge respect for our military and Law Enforcement; they have our full love, respect, and support.  In fact, we have IDS APEX affiliates and senior instructors on staff that are active Law Enforcement, Military and competition shooters.  They understand and agree with that statement.

The truth is the context of the Citizen Defender is very different, and training needs to be specific to context.

Military and Law Enforcement have to take a standardized approach to training. 

The difference is the context for the Citizen Defender isn’t standardizable. 

There are no two Citizen Defenders or circumstances that are the same.  They are all unique.  They need a system that fits them and them alone.

Of course, there’s some overlap between contexts but they are generally, very different.

Let’s face it, the bad things happening out there are happening to regular people. We are on the front lines.

That doesn’t mean we act as vigilantes – quite the contrary.  We STRONGLY advise avoiding conflict as much as possible.

It just means that we, as Citizen Defenders, have trained ourselves to a very high level to our specific context so that if we find ourselves faced with the unthinkable, we can respond confidently with skill and measure.

And now you, the Citizen Defender, can have training designed specifically for you, and you can do it anywhere.

The new paradigm is here and it’s changing the way people train.

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Adapting to a Changing World

The world is changing around us faster than we can keep up with.  Violent crime is through the roof, and there’s major social, cultural, political and economic instability.  This has left ammunition either astronomically expensive or completely unavailable. Traveling to training events has become more and more cost prohibitive and far too infrequent. Lockdowns and riots have us trapped in our homes while the world crumbles around us.

It’s time to adapt.

The military spends billions on simulators and simulated training for a reason.  It’s safe, efficient and effective. They understand that confidence and skill can be built with simulated training aides along with drills and exercises that replicate patterns of violence. They understand that simulated training can be done in a way that maximizes the transference of skill to reality. This is why we are bringing this cutting-edge style of training to the Citizen Defender – NOW!

Now is the time for us to act.  At any moment ammo can completely disappear, and we need to be prepared to protect ourselves NOW!

We either adapt to a changing world or be left behind and unprepared.

We’re In This Together

We need each other.
Those of us at IDS HQ are in the same boat you are. We’re just like you and we deal with the same challenges you do.
Our sole motivation is the preservation of life and the creation of a broad band deterrence to violence.
That is our mission.
The more good people who are out there that are well educated and well trained, the safer and better the world will be. If you are reading this, it’s probably in your DNA to watch over the flock. You were probably born to protect. You can’t not do it. It’s just who you are. At IDS it’s our mission to create a support structure for people like you. A support structure for who we call the protector class. A class of good-hearted, self-reliant people who have been demonized and marginalized as second-class citizens. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. The world needs people like us now more than ever.
If not us then who? If not now than when?

Getting Started

Good things involve cultivation and investment. We get out what we put in, and this program is no different. The first thing to do is get in touch with the real reason why you want to train this way, not the milk-toast answer, the real answer. This will motivate you from the inside out. The first investment is the investment of time. We strongly suggest making up your mind now to create a regular schedule to adhere to. Skills and competence are built with time and repetition – so is confidence. Again, you will get out of this program what you put into it – there are no shortcuts.
Next is your financial investment. The investment of your money is a part of the training process. By investing money, you send a message to yourself that you and your family are worth it. It’s our job to make these investments worth your while. It’s your job to put in the time and money.

What You're Going to Get

15 Member Exclusive Courses – $5,000 Value

Member Exclusive Videos – $2000 Value

Citizen Defender Bootcamp Tuition – $600.00 value (per event)

Live Streaming and Recorded Seminars – $100.00 value (per event)

Convenience and Peace of Mind – Priceless

Total Annual Value: $9,200.00 

*Value is assuming attendance of 2 Bootcamps per year and 10 streaming seminars per year.

Your Price is only $39/month or $399/year for the Citizen Defender Pass! Or… Only $3999 for the LIFETIME SENTINAL Plus Package!



+ All Access to Member Exclusive Courses
+ All Access to ‘Raw’ Insight Videos from Chief Instructor Todd Fossey
+ 50% off ALL In-Person Training Classes
+ All Access to Exclusive Interactive Live Streaming Seminars
+ All Access to Member Exclusive Discussion Forum
+ IDS Welcome Swag Pack


+ $3999 Limited Time Offer (Grandfathered) Lifetime All Access
+ Lifetime All Access to Member Exclusive Courses
+ Lifetime All Access to Member Exclusive Content
+ Lifetime All Access to ‘Raw’ Insight Videos from Chief Instructor Todd Fossey
+ FREE Lifetime Access to ALL In-Person Training Classes
+ Lifetime All Access to Exclusive Interactive Live Streaming Seminars
+ Lifetime All Access to Member Exclusive Discussion Forum
+ Enhanced IDS Welcome Swag Pack

And, Member Exclusive Courses, videos and seminars will be frequently added to our already extensive collection!  So, the value of your membership will be increasing all the time!

One of the great things about our courses is that they’re more than just long videos, they are experienced as an open progression through an intuitive and interactive technology called LearnDash.  This allows you to track your progress, add questions and comments and receive badges and certificates for completed lessons.  And, there’s a suggested Course Path that lays it all out for you if you choose to use it.

When you become a member, you’re going to get instant access to all content!

And you’re going to be able to save $Gazillions on ammunition, travel, training fees and time! Gazillions!!

It’s time to decide.

Here are your options…

Option One: You can do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are now – no worries. We realize what we offer isn’t for everyone.

Option Two: You can keep doing your own thing – which is cool. Maybe you’re squared away with what you’re already doing or you want to develop your own thing – that’s great! If you’re willing to work hard and put in the years of trial and error – we believe you can do it – and you should!

Option Three: Let us provide the training programming for you. We’ve done all the work.  All you need to do is commit to a consistent training schedule and follow the system.

Of these three options, ask yourself…

Which one is best for you?

If you’ve read this far, chances are it’s in your DNA to be a protector of yourself and others.

Whatever you decide, we hope you keep training!

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