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Instructor Zero

Instructor Zero

Everyone loves to write “the mind is the weapon and the firearm is only the tool”, but then when they go to the shooting range evidently they forget about it and train only the finger and not the mind. This happens because it is easier to train the finger and does not require having to …

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Greg Nelson

Greg Nelson

Studying, Training and Teaching Combatives, Combat Sports, Self-Defense, Fighting and dealing with all facets of Martial Arts has been my focus for the last 38 years. Over the past couple of years, I have started firearms training with Todd. His open-mindedness and willingness to instruct a civilian based, no nonsense and ever-expanding curriculum and methodology …

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Mike Hughes Endorsement Pic

Mike Hughes

CEO Next Level Training and Inventor of the SIRT “Todd/IDS has heavily integrated the SIRT into his training curriculum and we’re really pleased to see how far he has come in his curriculum. It’s very impressive and his passion is unparalleled. If you do have an inclination to expand your training curriculum and improve as …

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